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Friday, 9 May 2014

Eurovision Running Order

Here’s the running order for the Eurovision final. Looking forward to it! Will be cheering on San Marino coz Ireland is out! I love an underdog!

1. Ukraine
2. Belarus
3. Azerbaijan
4. Iceland
5. Norway
6. Romania
7. Armenia
8. Montenegro
9. Poland
10. Greece
11. Austria
12. Germany
13. Sweden
14. France
15. Russia
16. Italy
17. Slovenia
18. Finland
19. Spain
20. Switzerland
21. Hungary
22. Malta
23. Denmark
24. The Netherlands
25. San Marino
26. United Kingdom

Dana International Falls - Best Eurovision Moments

I had to include this mainly coz it’s HILARIOUS! Dana International won for Israel back in 1998 and that meant the following year the competition took place in Jerusalem. Now when she was handing over the trophy to the winner Charlotte Pirelli she fell on her arse! Oh how I laughed. It’s still funny to this day. Everyone runs over to her and leaves poor Charlotte just standing there not knowing what to do. I wonder did she break the trophy. Of course Dana International returned to the Eurovision a few years later and failed to qualify. Scarlet for her again!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Dustin The Turkey - Best Eurovision Moments

I’ve met Dustin The Turkey and he’s a really lovely, eh, bloke! Granted he’s a turkey but I grew up watching him on telly and so when he went to the Eurovision it was all a bit strange. The national final was held in Limerick for some reason and this won. There was uproar, not just in the venue but around the country. Of course Dustin got loads of press and was one of the favourites to win but then when he got to Belgrade, the hardcore Eurovision fans rebelled and we didn’t make it to the final! RAGING!

It’s the first time a puppet has ever entered and I reckon it’s likely it’ll be the last time too. I still think it should have won!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Swedish Smorgasbord - Best Eurovision Moments

This only happened last year but I LOVED IT! The host for Malmo in Sweden was Petra Mede and she was great craic. Thought she was perfect at it and she was a good change from all the male female duos who try to be funny and fail miserably. Petra was actually funny and then out of NOWHERE she whipped this out and went through every Swedish stereotype she could find! Fair play to ya Petra!

I come from a country
that's hard to find
Somewhere near the icy pole
But though we are freezing
please bear in mind
Sweden's gonna warm
your soul
Our people are cold
but our elks are hot
A horny horde in ev'ry fjord
Our moose may be loose
but they hit the spot
On our Swedish Smorgasbord
A tour of our nation
is certain to impress
We've quite a few
surprises for you
A Swedish chef
and Death playing chess
And a girl with a
dragon tattoo
Papa - Po
By winning this contest
you get the chance
To host a show you
can't afford
But then sell your country
through song and dance
Here's our
Swedish smorgasbord
We're green to our planet
with eco-pride
Recycling is in our hearts
Mamma Mia
Ikea has gone world-wide
Good luck assembling
all the parts
We're strict and we're
and seldom vent
Don't show emotion
never whine
Not easy to please
but we're quite content
When we get to stand in line
Does anyone know what this
line is for
I'd better stay and find out
Proper and polite and
private is our style
Never ever talk on a train
And if we see a stranger
throw us a smile
He's either a drunk or insane
Everyday we face it
Fly on up and taste it
Try our
Swedish Smorgasbord
Swedish Smörgåsbord
Beneath the midnight sun
The blondes have all the fun
And if you long for stockings
say "Amen!"
From Vikings we descended
It´s frightning what
those men did
But see how we've evolved
since then
Our roles are reversing
Our daddies are nursing
In all of our cities
Though men don't have titties
They can still stay at home
to raise the kids
And our girls can handle
their balls
With the best kickline
of them all
You may now
kiss the groom
Follow our example
Come and try a sample
Of our
Swedish Smorgasbord!
It's time for some dinner
we pray you'll stay
Come and try our
fav'rite course
We eat all our meatballs
the Nordic way:
Seasoned with a hint
of horse
For Strindberg
And Bergman
And Celsius
All rise
For Thor and
Björn Borg
And the great
Nobel Prize
There's Volvo
And Garbo
The best lingonberry
And all of our problems
Digesting our dairy...
Oh look it´s Carola
Haha - yeah
Capture by a love storm
We gave you Carola
and Waterloo
And Diggi-Loo
who all adored
We'll take you to heaven
Euphoria too
Come and join our party
Come on up and chill
There's room for everybody
Gravad lax and dill
On our
With H&M 'n'
Ace of Base
Our hurdy-gurdy

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Silvia Knight - Best Eurovision Moments

I LOVE SILVIA KNIGHT and her International Superstar tagline has become something I use myself. Well if the shoe fits!

In 2006 Iceland sent the comedy character Silvia Knight to Athens in Greece to take part and the hardcore Eurovision fans weren’t too impressed with them sending someone who was deliberately being controversial! There was uproar over it although personally, I thought it was hilarious! I was a big fan of her antics. She was calling people all sorts of names, being a diva in the press conference and just causing chaos everywhere she went! A bit like me really.

So she went to the semi final and ended up getting booed by the crowd, the first time that anyone has ever gotten booed a the competition and she failed to make the final. She wasn’t happy at all and went on a rant afterwards. The video ended up going straight to number 1 on YouTube. The performance of her song Congratulations is below the rant. In case you were wondering, Lordi won with Hard Rock Hallelujah for Finland!

Funniest Eurovision Voting Moments

I had to share this seeing as it’s Eurovision week and that we all love a good laugh at it. There’s nothing better when someone falls on their arse or the scoreboard doesn’t work or some dope from somewhere you can’t pronounce comes on during the voting trying to be funny and gets owned by the host. It’s great. There’s some hilarious Eurovision moments in here from over the years and you can see a number of the dopes I mentioned. Of course, most people only tune in for the voting. I love it. Can’t wait for the madness this week!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Missing The Cue - Best Eurovision Moments

I’ve decided that seeing as I’ve reviewed all the Eurovision songs and with it being Eurovision week that I’d continue on with the theme and blog about my favourite Eurovision moments! This’ll be all sorts of madness so just go along with it for the LOLs and sure you might enjoy it. If you don’t, I’m not that pushed but if you do, tell me on Twitter - @JoannaRyde! God bless!

So this happened way back in in 1990 when the competition was taking place in Zagreb in what was Yugoslavia although it’s Croatia now. I’ve been to Croatia and it’s nice. The act for Spain was called Azucar Moreno which Google Translate tells me means brown sugar and the song was called Bandido which Google Translate tells me means Bandit.

If you skip ahead to the 1:40 mark here you can see the beginning of when things started to go wrong. The backing track wouldn’t play and then the band didn’t start playing and then the singers missed their cue and stormed off in an actual rage! IT WAS CHAOS! And the musicians just kept on like nothing was happening.

Now clearly I wasn’t old enough to see this live but I’ve watched it back a few times and laughed. Poor Spain. They did finish 5th though. Italy won and Ireland came 2nd. Everyone was really confused, or at least Wikipedia says they were.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 - United Kingdom

We’ve come to the end of our Eurovision review and today we’re looking at The United Kingdom. The song is Children Of The Universe by Molly Smitten Downes and I really like this! It’s by far the best UK song since Jade Ewan with It’s My Time and that finished in the top 5! They’ve been sending a lot of crap lately so I think this new idea of sending actually decent songs might do well for them. I can see this being a top 5. It’s a good song, good singer and good change in tactics from the UK although they really should adopt the Swedish qualifying format. They’d do real well then!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Ukraine

Ukraine always seem to do well but this year I’m not so sure. The song is Tick Tock and it’s by Maria Yaremchuk. I really thought they should have won last year with Gravity so it’s going to be interesting to see what they do with this. It kinda sounds like a girlband from the UK in 1999 so I’m not really sure. This is defo not the best they’ve done and I really don’t see them challenging and of course with all the drama all over the news, it’s hard to see them getting 12 points off Russia. I don’t think it’ll be in the top 5 but we’ll see.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Netherlands

The Netherlands are another one of these countries that complain that they never do well even though they never actually send songs decent enough to get to the final. Of course last year, they sent Anouk and got into the top 10 proving that if you send a good song you’ll do well! Who’d have known.

This year they’ve tried to get in on the country music craze by sending The Common Linnets with Calm After The Storm and while I get the idea, the song isn’t really that good. It’s kinda grand, the type of thing you’d hear late night on a country music radio station. For Eurovision they really should have got Avicii to remix it. Think they’ll struggle to make the final with this.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Switzerland

Switzerland always seem to have these quirky little songs that don’t do very well and this year will be no exception. The song is called Hunter Of Stars and it’s by Sebalter. I wonder how long it will be before they give up and throw their toys out of the pram like Luxembourg did. They haven’t really done very well since Celine Dion won back in 1988. They last qualified for the final in 2011 and before that it was 2006. I don’t think they stand much of a chance this year. Maybe if they stopped picking crap songs they might actually make the final!

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Sweden

Could Sweden pull off another win? They’re going to be close. This is one of the better ballads in the competition this year and should see them challenging for the win. Could it between them and Armenia? It’s no Euphoria but it’s a decent song. The Swedes have Eurovision figured out. Their qualifying system is what Ireland should be doing. I really like this. It’s a nice song and should get a lot of attention. Sanna Nielson seems to be good live. I like this.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Spain

You might remember Ruth Lorenzo from the X-Factor a few years ago and here she is with Spain’s Eurovision song. They always seem to do these songs and then don’t do too well. I wonder what people will think of Ruth! This is called Dancing In The Rain and is Spain’s best song in years. They could go top 10 with this. I hope they do coz I like Ruth. I saw her live once. The more I’ve listened to this song, the more I’ve liked it so I wouldn’t mind it doing okay! YOU GO RUTH!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Slovenia

I couldn’t really remember what this one was so had to play it again and then I did remember it and remembered it was BRUTAL! God I don’t like this at all. Someone thought it’d be a great idea to sing in Slovenian and English at the same time. Yeah good luck with that. The song is round and round by Tinkara Kovač but fair playing to her for trying. This might sneak through to the final, although probably not. It won’t win anyway. Meh.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - San Marino

Ah! Poor San Marino. They’re the only one of the small countries left in the Eurovision and they really really really want to get to the final! They got so close last year and in fairness, the song was really good. This year, they’ve sent Valentina back for the 3rd time in the hope that she’ll make it to the final. I really hope she does because they try so hard. The song is called Maybe so maybe they’ll make it to the final. Jesus, it’d be like winning for them. I like Valentina. She’s gas. The song isn’t as good as last year but it’s better than the Facebook one!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Russia

This is a bit odd. The Tomalchevy Twins are Russia’s answer to Mary Kate & Ashley and their song for Copenhagen is Shine. It’s a bit crap. Russia will do well because of the whole thing with their neighbours voting for them but there’s also the chance they might not do as well this year over the Ukraine thing. This song isn’t as good as what they’ve done in the last few years with the dancing grannies and What If last year. Bit dodgy being honest. Can’t see it doing too well. This has to be the closest they’ll get to not qualifying in years I’d say.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Romania

This is one of my favourites so I hope they do well. I wouldn’t mind going to Bucharest next year. Would be a great laugh. This is Paula Selling and Ovi with Miracle and you might remember they had a double ended piano a few years ago and came 3rd. I think this one could do really well so I’m gonna put some money on them, not that I condone gambling. It’s a fun song and it’s a bit dancey so it’s that little bit different from a few of the others. Romania seem to be doing decent enough in the semis but not in the final. Hopefully this one changes that!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Portugal

Portugal have been entering a long long time and have never come close to winning. Let’s not lie, they aren’t going to be close to it this year either. What in the name of all that is holy is this crap? It’s like something you’d hear as the poolside entertainment on your Budget Travel fortnight in Albufeira. This is down near the bottom with the juries and rightly so. The song is Quero ser tua by Suzy and it’s about 20 years too late for the competition. Poor Suzy! I’m going to enjoy slagging her over the next few weeks!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Poland

I love this! It’s like a bit of fresh air in the Eurovision. It’s Donatan and Cleo with We Are Slavic. It’s the type of thing I’d have on my iPod. Actually, I don’t have an iPod. It’s not the usual type of Eurovision song so don’t know how well it’ll do. It’s the best that Poland have had in years. I can’t wait to see what it looks like live. I hope they have loads of girl dancers and have them all twerking! That’d be fun.

I really want this to do well although not sure how the juries will go. Think the public will like it more. Happy for Poland! Well done lads!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Eurovision 2014 - Norway

This annoys me. Loads of people have been raving about it but I think it’s whingey and annoying. I hope he doesn’t even qualify although with all the pretentious crap with the judges, he will. Yawn.

The song is called Silent Storm and the artist is Carl Espen. Norway won a few years ago with Alexander Rybak (RIDE) and now here they are with this chap. People thought they were going to win last year but clearly they didn’t. I just don’t know how this is going to do in the voting. MEH! That’s what I think!

Although now in saying that, I wouldn’t mind listening to it on the radio.